Blazing Bull Infrared Grill Review

Blazing Bull Infrared Grill Review
August 28, 2020


Infrared grills (also known as salamanders) are used by high end steakhouses all across the globe.  They cook at exceptionally high heat (in this case 1,500°F) which is very unique.  Even on the best gas grills, turning all of the burners on max you'll struggle to get north of 800-1,000°F.  This makes these grills ideal for searing steaks so we were really eager to try out the Blazing Bull grill.

Blazing Bull Infrared Grill

We have played around with infrared grills in the past and they can do a lot more than just steaks as well.  We've seared ahi tuna, lobster tails, scallops, pizza and vegetables - they're really a lot more versatile than you might initially think.  The other plus is they're so much more portable and can easy be loaded in the back of the truck or RV if you're hitting the road (imagine trying that with a regular gas grill!) which is more important now than ever before.

Key Features

  • Two infrared burners that heat up to 1,500°F in just a couple of minutes. 
  • 7 level adjustable grill height which allows you to control the level of heat your cooking at given the burner is constantly at a 1,500°F temp
  • There are two infrared burners in the grill so you have enough space to grill two steaks at a time (the grill grate is 12 inches wide by 10 inches deep)
  • The grill is Made in America if that's something that's important to you
  • Fuelled by a regular propane tank
  • There is an automatic ignition system that I've found to work flawlessly.  It's powered by two batteries that come with the grill.
  • The grill weighs in at 62lbs (~28 KG) and has two handles on the side making it more portable than a traditional grill.
  • There is a pan beneath the grill grate that catches the juices that render off your proteins through the cooks. It's also a great place to rest your steaks with a bit of compound butter once you're done with your cook.


What we like about the Blazing Bull Infrared Grill

Over the course of a few cooks, we've been quite impressed with the Blazing Bull, especially relative to other infrared / salamader grills on the market.

  • The infrared burner technology here allows you to bring the same kinds of burners used at North America's leading steakhouses like Del Frisco's, Morton's and the Palm into your own backyard.  The ability to cook at an extremely high heat like 1,500°F creates the optimal conditions for the Maillard reaction; the chemical reaction that takes place leading to a beautifully brown crust on the exterior of your steaks

Two infrared burners

  • Having seven different height settings that are clearly marked and being able to move the grill height from the size of the grill without having to remove the grill grate is also a major plus.  This design element shouldn't be overlooked because it's really helpful in going up the learning curve of this grill.  Most low end infrared grills don't have this.

Adjustable grill grate height

  • It's sized for two steaks so you can actually cook for 4-5 people if you're throwing down two large ribeyes as an example.  I've tried smaller infrared grills in the past that were only large enough for one steak at a time and it's just not practical for cooking for a family.

Blazing Bull Grill Grates

  • While the grill has some heft to it given the quality of the craftsmanship, it's still quite portable relative to your typical grill weighing in at 62lbs (~28Kgs).  It has two handles on the sides making it easy to move around.  I can see this being an ideal grill for tailgate parties or tossing in your camper/RV if you're cooking on the road.  

Blazing Bull carrying handles

  • There was virtually no assembly required on this grill beyond screwing on the propane adapter.  I had this guy unboxed and setup ready for my first cook in 15 minutes.  Who wants to waste a couple of hours on a weekend assembling your grill?  Nobody.


Drawbacks to the Blazing Bull Infrared Grill

While we have been really impressed with the grill, there are a few drawback or shortcomings you should be aware of.  

  • You can’t use any seasonings with sugar or they’ll burn. That’s fine with us because we think you should only ever you salt and pepper to season a steak so the beef can speak for itself! 
  • $1,250 is a fairly hefty price for a grill in any category.  With that said, if if saves you from going out to Morton's or Del Frisco's once a month for a great steak, you'll have it paid off in no time!
  • Like with any grill, there is a little bit of a learning curve here to make sure you get both a beautiful crust on your steak without burning it, but also the level of doneness you're looking for all the way through.  It should really only take you 2-3 cooks to get the hang of it and then you'll be off to the races.
  • The grill area is still fairly small so if you're cooking for large parties, you're probably going to have to make a few "batches" of steaks as opposed to being able to grill them all at once.  I love the fact the Blazing Bull has enough room for two steaks (as opposed to just one like most other Infrared grills) so you can grill up two large ribeyes and easily feed a family of 4-5.
  • Lastly, the grill doesn't come with a stand so you'll need a table or outdoor counter top to place it on.  I bought a wooden prep table for the backyard from Ikea for ~$50 this grill fits perfectly on top of that with a space for the propane tank underneath.  It works great but just be conscious of this as you're planning on where the grill will go in your backyard. 


There are a couple of accessories you can get with the Blazing Bull and we think a few of them are fairly essential.

  • Make sure you get a cover.  If you're going to be spending this much on a grill, investing another $58 to get the custom cover for the grill makes a ton of sense.

Blazing Bull Grill Cover

  • If you're planning on grilling pizzas, make sure you check out the pizza stone and pizza peel.  Together they'll run you another $76.

Blazing Bull Pizza Stone & Peel