Smash Burgers on the Cuisinart 360 Griddle XL



  • 80/20 ground beef / ground chuck
  • Brioche or potato buns
  • Dill pickle
  • White onion
  • American cheese
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • Ingredients for the sauce:
    • One part mayonnaise 
    • One part ketchup
    • One part mustard
    • One part sweet relish


    1. Make 1.5 ounce (70gram) round balls out of the ground chuck (similar to meatballs)
    2. Preheat your griddle on medium high heat. 
    3. Butter your buns and place them on the griddle to toast. Prepare your sauce: mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl and mix until evenly combined
    4. Prepare your toppings: i) Slice rounds of onion off as thinly as you can, ii) thinly slice your pickle widthwise into small rounds. 
    5. Remove the buns from the griddle once browned.  Add sauce to your buns and add the toppings to your taste. 
    6. If you haven’t done steps 1-5, go back and do them before the burgers hit the griddle. These will cook incredibly fast so you want everything ready
    7. Place the meatballs on the griddle leaving enough space between them to be smashed
    8. Place a square of parchment paper over top of a meatball and then press down on the meatball with your metal spatula. Use the butt of your second metal spatula to press down and apply extra pressure if necessary
    9. Apply salt and pepper to taste
    10. Allow to cook for 45-60 seconds or until the edges of the burger form a dark brown crust
    11. Using a scraper, scrap the burgers off the griddle and flip them
    12. Apply cheese slices to each patty and place the lid on the griddle to help the cheese melt
    13. Once the cheese is melted, remove the patties from the griddle and build your burger. Feel free to add as many patties to your burger as you like and enjoy!!!